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Building energy efficiency certificate

The building energy efficiency certificate (hereinafter PENB ) is used to assess the energy performance of a building and classifies the building into the appropriate energy classes A to G, with A being the most economical category. Pursuant to Act No. 406/2000 Coll. (Energy Management Act), the seller or landlord (owner) is required to submit PENB when selling or renting a house, apartment or other building / unit. Even to list a property for sale or rent it is necessary to specify the energy class of the building. If the owner does not submit a graphical element of PENB, Class G is automatically placed into the listing.

Only an energy specialist can prepare PENB. Older PENB may be used for the sale or lease of the building, however, it shall not be older than 10 years and provided that there are no changes in energy systems such as heat source replacement, windows replacement, or home insulating.

PENB needs to be submitted to a potential buyer or potential tenant before entering into contracts. The obligation to submit before the conclusion of the contract lies with the owner of the building in the case of sale / lease of the building or its integral part and the unit owner when selling / renting the unit. Furthermore, it is the duty to hand over the PENB to the buyer or the lessee at the latest when the contract is signed.


  • The broker shall ensure technical inspection and PNEB. The cost of PENB shall be borne by the owner of the property.