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Working as a buyer’s agent.

Tomas Korpa – Propertors® don’t use a public office, the broker works in the field, and in the personal office. Documents are being signed in the lawyer’s office.

Tomas Korpa

Real estate agent and Propertors® founder
Cell phone: +420 777 983 554

Important questions and answers:

What are the advantages of buyer's agency?

  • Broker represents the client’s interests.
  • Broker is trying to make the best price deal for the buyer.
  • Broker is searching properties across the market and recommends the best properties meeting the buyer’s needs.
  • Broker will assess the risk of the purchase both legally and technically, provide the buyer with all necessary information and at the same time impartial and unbiased view, on the basis of which the buyer can make the right decision.

What is the commission rate?

The commission rate is 3% of the purchase price. The commission rate may vary. The commission rate is written in the buyer’s agency agreement.

What's included in the commission?

  • Local  market research.
  • Marketing.
  • Securing of the building energy efficiency certificate from the seller.
  • Legal verification of property. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Legal examination of sellers. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Securing a mortgage loan.
  • Securing a property inspection.
  • Preparation of a contract for future purchase contract. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Preparation of a purchase or lease agreement. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Preparation of the contract for the custody of the purchase price. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Preparation of a proposal for entry in the Land Register. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Request for the change of  ownership right in the Land Register.
  • Preparation of a tax return for the real estate acquisition.

What isn't covered by the commission?

  • Property inspection fee.
  • Custody of purchase price fee.
  • Property tax. Broker only prepare the tax return and send it to the tax office.

Will broker secure a mortgage loan for me?

Yes. First, the financial adviser will find out your financial possibilities. Monthly loan payments should not exceed 30 to 40% of the monthly household income. In addition, clients should have an iron reserve of 2 to 6 times their monthly expenses. Then a mortgage specialist will take care of you and secure a mortgage loan for you.

Call +420 777 983 554. Or fill out “Submit Property Request” form and the broker will contact you shortly.