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Home inspection

What is home inspection and who does it?

The real estate inspection is to find out the technical condition of the property – its hidden and obvious defects. Within the inspection, failures and risks of object failures are evaluated based on apparent manifestations, experience of the inspector and non-invasive measuring instruments. In case of suspicion of a failure that cannot be proven during the inspection (probe need, longer measurement, etc.), the client is informed about the suspicion and recommended further measurements or surveys.
Inspection is carried out by a certified property inspector, who has education and experience in the field of building construction and technical equipment of buildings and is trained to search for property failures.

The inspector examines risks or defects in the following technical fields:

  • Statics
  • Heat leaks
  • Water isolation
  • Sound and noise
  • Technical equipment of the building
  • Property security in use and fire safety
  • Harmful substances and healthy living
  • Surface of floors and walls
  • Grounds


  • Broker will order the inspection of the property at the request of buyers or sellers. The inspection itself shall be paid by the client.