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Would you like to make your own sales pitch? Insert your property for sale today. Click “List Property”, fill out and submit the form bellow. You will create a basic property card, which will not be published yet. The broker will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment with you on the property. Your property will be published and offered for sale right after the broker will complete the listing, and the agreement will be signed. Until then, you can edit or delete your submitted property in your account area of this website.

The following are required field in the form:

  • Property title
  • Type
  • Status (for sale / for rent)
  • Address
  • User registration (Seller)

Other fields in the form are not required, yet important for buyers, but the agent can fill them out for you while completing your listing for sale, after the contract was signed by all parties. There is two options to register. 1. in this form, where you can fill out your user name and email, the password will be emailed to you. 2. in the right top corner, where you can fill out username and the password as well.