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Region: Mělník, Czech Republic

In 2017, 383 dwellings were completed in the Mělník District (7.0% of the Region’s completed dwellings) and 366 dwellings started (5.6% of the Region’s started dwellings). An additional 224 flats were completed in 2018, a year-on-year comparison showing an increase of 21.5%. In the same period, the construction of 284 other flats was started in Mělník – again with a clear predominance of family houses. This is a high increase of 56.9 percent compared to last year.


Median Sales Prices of Flats in CZK (Czech Crown)

Q2 - 2019

  • Mělník City
  • Mělník County

Median Sales Prices of Homes in CZK - by Size

Q2 - 2019

  • Mělník City
  • Mělník County

Median Sales Prices of Homes in CZK - Sorted by Categories

Q2 - 2019

  • Mělník City
  • Mělník County

Median Sales Prices of Lots in CZK per m2 - Sorted by type

Q2 - 2019

  • Mělník City
  • Mělník County


Q2 - 2019


Mělník City – 19,077
Mělník County – 107,200
Population density per km2 of Mělník City – 772
Population density per km2 of Mělník Country – 153

Area size

Mělník City – 2,497 ha
Mělník County – 701 km2

Median monthly income

Mělník City – 18,200 až 22,700 Kč
Mělník County – 11,000 až 37,300
District – 34,293 Kč
Prague – 41,851 Kč
Czech Republic – 33,840 Kč


The area of ​​701 km2 is the second smallest in the Středočeský District and occupies 6.4% of its area. Agricultural land accounts for 65.7% of the district and 18.8% is covered by forests. With a population of 107.2 thousand (7.9% of the Region’s population), Mělník ranks among the 7 districts of the Region, which have more than one hundred thousand inhabitants. The population density of 153 inhabitants per km2 is the fourth highest in the region.

As at 31 December 2017, a total of 24,751 subjects were registered in the business register of the Mělník Region (7.4% of the Region’s subjects), of which 5.2% are in the agricultural sector and forestry, 12.4% industry, 13.0% construction activities and 23.3% wholesale and retail trade (incl. repairs and maintenance of motor vehicles). employment (10.2% of the Region’s eligible candidates). The share of unemployed persons (ie the share of available job seekers aged 15-64 in the total population at the same age) was 4.04%, which was the sixth highest unemployment among the districts of the region.

Unemployment in the Mělník Region: 4.04%


Kindergardens in Mělník County: 36
Kindergardens Mělník City: 11

Elementary schools in Mělník County: 55
Elementary schools in Mělník City: 11

High schools in Mělník County: 13
High schools in Mělník City: 5


Family Physicians in Mělník County: 44
Family Physicians in Mělník City: 14

Dentists in Mělník County: 76
Dentists in Mělník City: 9

Hospitals in Mělník County: 4
Hospitals in Mělník City: 1


  • Metro bus
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Cab services

Shops & Services

The town of Mělník has many shops and supermarkets for its size and population. You will find almost all large food chain stores where you can shop 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm. There are also several building material traders in Mělník, but if you run out of cement on Saturday afternoon or Sunday, then you must go to Prague or another city. You will find a lot of other merchants such as:

  • Electronics
  • Groups
  • Mobile operators
  • Auto and moto parts and tires
  • Gardening
  • Hardware stores
  • Tool rental
  • Other manufacturers and developers
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Banks and insurances
  • Postage and mail order services
  • Hotels
  • and much more.

Median Sales Prices History

Mělnik region

  • Flat CZK per Square meter
  • Homes CZK per Cubic meter

Sources: Czech Statistic Office, SReality, City of Mělník, market research
Prepared by: Tomáš Korpa – Propertors® on 4/25/2019