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Tomas Korpa – Propertors® don’t use a public office, the broker works in the field, and personal office. Documents are being signed in the lawyer’s office.

Tomas Korpa

Real estate agent and Propertors® founder
Cell phone: +420 777 983 554

Important questions and answers:

What is the commission rate?

The commission rate is 3% of the purchase price. The commission rate may vary. The rate is written in the buyer’s agency agreement.

What's included in the commission?

  • Create listing.
  • Property advertising.
  • Legal verification of property. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Legal examination of sellers. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Preparation of reservation contract. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Preparation of a contract for future purchase contract. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Preparation of a purchase or lease agreement. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Preparation of the contract for the custody of the purchase price. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Preparation of a proposal for entry in the Land Register. (prepared by a lawyer)
  • Request for the change of  ownership right in the Land Register.

What isn't covered by the commission?

  • The building energy efficiency certificate.
  • Property inspection.
  • Custody of the purchase price fee.

Call +420 777 983 554. Or fill out the “Submit Property” form, and the broker will contact you to schedule an appointment.