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Submit property request

Click “Submit Property Request” bellow, fill out the form and send it in. Your submitted request will not be seen publicly. You can submit as many of requests as you need, there is no limit. You will create a basic property request card. The broker will contact you shortly to offer you a buyer’s agency services, but it is not required, you can submit your request without these services. If you decide to use the buyer’s agency service, the broker will work for you for a commission. If not, your submission will remain in the database until a similar property appears on the market so broker will reach to you. Your submitted request may be edited or deleted at anytime in your account.

The following are required field in the form:

  • Property title
  • Type
  • Status (seeking)
  • Address (in the address bar, you may fill out just a city, county or district of your required region)
  • User registration (Buyer)

Other fields in the form are not required, yet important for the search of a property, but the agent can fill them out for you while completing your property request. There is two options to register. 1. in this form, where you can fill up just your user name and email, the password will be emailed to you. 2. in the right top corner, where you can fill out the username and password as well.